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asked May 12, 2019 in Legal advice by Geokojo

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Dear Geokojo congrats for your baby...yes you can take aufenthalterlaubnis through your daughter if you did vaterschaftanerkennung and sorgerecht 50% custody. If you did already vaterschaft and sorgerecht then Ausländerbehörde can give you formullar for applying for aufenthalterlaubnis. This is what I know because I'm In the same situation now. Just have some questions to our experts which were not clear for me. Would be good if you also hear our experts
Good luck
answered May 12, 2019 by Guly
My daughter was not born here.her mum brought her to germany.her mum has a German baby daughter n her mum now has a residence permit..Can I also get a residence permit when I apply
Yes brother you can have it .I had the same situation. Just have DNA report from German doctor to attach to your application and get a lawyer.Thank you
Hope you have your name on your baby's birth certificate .
Yess Tony. I have
Ok..Thank you very much
I am illegal . My asylum has finished and I was given duldung for three months. Foreign office ask for my passport or birth certificate but  I do not give them, so the lady in auslanderbörede ask me to give them my country birth certificate or Nigeria passport before they will renew my duduldung but I do not give them.  Now I am illegal , I am living with my German gf. I want to know if I will get stay later when she is pregnant for me and when she put to birth despite the fact that I am illegal ? Can I get stay in germany when my German gf become pregnant and put to birth while been illegal?
Your baby automatically become german but you need to do vaterschaftsanerkennung (custody of child) and apply for aufenthaltstitel. It doesn't matter you illegal ok
Hi tony1111.thanks so much for your response.i got a lawyer to help do the application. But he didn't ask me for the DNA. I want to know if they will ask me for it later or not.
DNA is not compulsory but sometimes some authorities delay the process because of previous cases from our African brothers and sisters bring false parents.
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