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Hi I’m with afghan boy since 3 years ( sorry for my English is not well) we was fiance after one years in country of him and after he told me go in office for say we are fiance and I can come In your country, but I was not work he told me every day he love me and he never broken with me , one day after he understand office don’t let him coming and he was literally change behaviour with me but I continue believe he love me I was do all for him send money gift more money I send to him family of him believe we must be together but he don’t want maybe after I can forced him to love me, 3 weeks ago we have big big disappointment together he was told me I don’t love you and I didn’t love you and if I was speak with you first times is because I want come in your country and  after I understand you help me much it’s because that I continue with you it’s not love it’s you help me , now he told me we must married but I don’t want married near of my family I want married in your country with you so now I’m so confusing I don’t know what happen.

asked Apr 20 in Asylum proceedings by Mimu

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