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Hello i need help i have ban on deportation and am sick best of my past life of being a member of a bad group and am suffering from pstd and (2) what does it means if the your situation change is it if you are well or if the the bad group that false you is killed or if your country is good i wanna know please  (3) will they still extended my resident permit of what since the doctor say that i am not fit to go to school and work also. (4) when can i apply for permanent resident cause i have been in Germany for 5years and half but i have my resident on October 2018 why can i apply(5) since the doctor say i am not fit to go to school and work will that be a problem on my resident and will i get a permanent resident since the doctor say so that i am not fit to go to school and work.Please i need all theanswer fast and clear hopinv to hear and be happy thanks wefugees.
asked Apr 19 in Asylum proceedings by Ali112

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