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Question 1:

I received a simple rejection and i appealed which the court later invited me for a short hearing.  Now my question is this,what happens when the court unfortunately rule against my case? Is there any other option or chance for me??

Question 2:

I want to know when one can file for Asylfolgenantrag at BAMF? is it when the court reject your appeal or while the court is looking into your case. I received a simple rejection and appealed which the court later on invited me for a brief hearing. Any help will be much appreciated.
asked Apr 13, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by hafiz123
edited Apr 20, 2019 by Safia Advocate

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Dear @Hafiz,

Thank you for your question!

I allow myself to merge your two recent questions, since they are connected.

If your appeal is rejected, you have the possibility to appeal the rejection decision with a lawyer (Berufung), or to file a Asylfolgeantrag at BAMF.

Please note however that both alternatives do not have much chance of success if you do not bring solid new evidence (if BAMF did not believe what you said during the interview), or, for the Asylfolgeantrag, if your situation did not change substantially since your first asylum claim.

To best study your possibilities, especially in order to see if you could try and stay on other grounds, I highly recommend you to contact a lawyer or a legal aid group. If you tell me where you live, I can help you with finding one!

All the best,


answered Apr 20, 2019 by Safia Advocate
I live in bad Salzungen in thuringen bundesland. But I have a lawyer but just want to know more about this case since the court is yet to decide.  Thank you
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