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I applied for new student visa but rejected the reason in rejection letter:
1-my admission is not formal, eventhough I used the same type from same university in the old visa and was approved! And the university said that many students was approved with the same type of this admission
2-they required B1 level at the interview. Eventhough they only required A2 or German course admission at the list of requirements and I brought both
3-because of my previous asylum application and travelled voluntarily back but after visa expiry date one month more. My passport was at Ausländerbehörde !
4-they said wrong information about my financial situation I have never mentioned in the date of interview
they said I'm poor and my father eventhough I showed bank statement of 50 000 USD
Please . How can I appeal for embassy decision in German higher court . I have all document and proofs that shows that these all four reasons are wrong
Thank you so much,
asked Apr 10, 2019 in Legal advice by Miky

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