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I am an asylum seeker in Germany waiting for my hearing since 3 years without any progress. I have been dating a Dutch  guy and we plan on getting married now solely cause we wanna move together  

The problem is that my passport has been with BAMF for the past three years and expires in August this year. We are planning to get married in a small town in Germany where my boyfriend is registered.  My question is, can I get married to my partner when the expiry date is right around the corner? Also he’s not employed in Germany, does he have to be employed to have the right to marry me out of Nederlands, in this case Germany?  

Also can I go to nederlands right after I get married?

We are working on collecting on our papers now and also getting my passport back from BAMF.

Your response will be life changing.

Many thanks in advance.

asked Mar 28, 2019 in Home & Living by Dejong

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Firstly, what did BAMF tell you about your passport? And why did you give them your passport? You can get married with your passport as long as it still have more weeks or days before expiring.. and he doesn't have to be employed in Germany.. what country are you from?? It sometimes count in the sight of BAMF if might be safe country to them so they could plan to deport you before you marriage date..
answered Mar 28, 2019 by Obumkelly79
I haven’t  yet requested them for my passport. I gave them my passport three years ago as an identity document and  I am from Pakistan. From what I heard my Dutch boyfriend needs to at least have a 400 euro job to be able to marry me.

We are still waiting for the Standesamt to email us back on what documents we need but a passport is a must. I am not sure if we have enough time to process the papers for the marriage till my papers get sorted. I also found a really nice blog that explains how it can sometimes takes months for the Standesamt to approve a marriage.

On the other hand I have read incidents when the Pakistani embassy refused to issue a new passport to asylum seekers but it doesn’t seem legal as it should be my right to get a new passport. I’ll post the blog on a Pakistani marriage right under if someone finds it helpful.
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