Hallo zusammen,
Meine Freundin und ich möchte bald in Dänemark heiraten.
Kurz zu uns: ich bin seid 3 Jahren in Deutschland mit einem Aufenthaltstitel( 25 absatz 3)
Ich möchte demnächst studieren.

Meine Freundin ist Deutsche und und ebenfalls Studentin.

Weiss jemand welche Unterlagen in meinem Fall benötigt werden und ob ich in Dänemark heiraten darf?

Welche Dokumente werden benötigt?
Muss man zum Standesamt?

Da meine Freundin und ich , nicht in der selben Stadt leben müsse  wir immer Pendeln.
Weiss da jemand wie die Bedingungen als Studenten aussehen?

Ich danke euch!:)
asked Mar 26, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Sia | 682 views

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1 Answer

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Hello nice to hear hope you will soon get married and i can give little information that can help you yes as long it's all same in Denmark everywhere you want marry in Denmark some offices take different time and ask for additional documents too but I will recommend you tonder commune and all you need is to have a legal status in Europen union states so that you can travel denmark as it's part of sheingen and you need your matrial status and your partner too anyone of you divorced then divorced decree too and your current adress birth cirtificate or passports all papers must be in English or german addional you can check online but can be german or English and you need to book appointment with tonder commune and they will give you marriage date before going to marriage a day before or 2 days before you and your partner must go Danish border police and take a written paper that you enter country legally and you can so thats all and you are all the way easy peasy no worry and this all information even travelling information all denmark marriage office will give you !!best of you luck with your marriage
answered Mar 26, 2019 by Musawvir
Thank you for your answer!
And do you now if there are conditions when you are a Student?
Beacuse my Partner and i See Not Living in a same City . He is searching But he doesn t know, of he is able to study in my City ....
Thanks for your answer.:)
It does not matter
Any city you live or your girlfriend just both of you need meldung paper that's
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