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I had a Vaterschaft and Sorgerecht but my child don't use my name and now I will like to go back to notar and change the child surname is it possible?
asked Mar 23, 2019 in Other Questions by Joe

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Hello Joe@  thank you for sharing your problem with us, it's only possible if you have your identity card or anything that shows or gives the authority full details about where you come from like your country passport, ID card or birth certificate or if you have German resident permit in Germany . If you have any of these, then the decision have to be make between you and your partner but if you have none of them, then the child have to take the mother surname but not you. I hope i have answered your question and don't forget to come back again to share your questions with us.
answered Mar 24, 2019 by Denny28
Thx for the reply, yes I do have my passport and my girl friend accept to change the name, so I dont know if I go to standamt and change the name on the certificate can notar also change the surname on the Vaterschaft?hope to hear from you again

Best regards joe
Hello Joe@ yes is possible to change the child surname at the Standamt. I remember I was told at the standamt to submit my passport or any identity card so that my child can take my surname and that time , my documents was still on process so they told me if the child is born and the documents are not ready, then the child will not take my surname but after I receive the documents then with agreement with my fiance, we can come back to them to change it . So checking from the information I received from the standamt by myself, you can go and change everything as you have the full support of your girlfriend and your passport with you. Good luck

Best regards
Thanks for your help I really appreciated all ,am going there today after that I will let you know what happens ok,thanks for your wishes....blessed
Hello,I was at standamt today they change the name for me so now my child use my surname, my question now is it is possible to change the surname too on the Vaterschaft and Sorgerecht?or no need for that?hope to hear from you soon
Best regards joe
Hello Joe@ I'm glad you succeed but I believe they don't write the name of the child on the vaterschaft because my child's name wasn't on the vaterschaft but if your child name is written on the vaterschaft then vaterschaft is issue at the standamt but I think you're good to go as they have changed the name for you, that's what matters most. Best regards
Hello brother, can I handle my passport now to them?because they ask of my passport and my scared to give, so do you have any advice for me?hope to hear from you soon

Best regards joe
Hello Joe@ my advice to you is, don't try to give out your passport to them without first visiting a strong and lawyer, tell them you don't have passport. You can go to your embassy to get a written letter to them .
Hello Denny, so you mean even I give them all the Vaterschaft and Sorgerecht and the certificate of my child and now they need my passport should I not give them ?but my lawyer said if I didn't give them my passport they will not give me my permit so I confused now
Hello Joe@ don't be confused because I stated that you should first seek for legal advice from lawyer before giving them your passport but if after looking through your case by the lawyer and advice you to hand over your passport to them, then it's ok to give out and I wish to know if the mother of your child has resident permit or the child has been given.  If the mother of the child has been given resident permit then you're automatically accepted so you can give out your passport.
Hello Denny, the mother is from Poland but lives here in Germany so she is a European
union  woman, so what do you think about that?hope to hear from you again
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