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I've made my application to seek asylum here .I also consulted a lawyer and he says it is very likely that my application will be accepted with the evidences that I have.So I am waiting for an answer right now.I'm also a graduate of Political Science and International Relations .I studied in my home country Turkey.I've come here with a student visa.I'm now a  student of Computer Science/Informatik. I finished the first semester but I find it so hard to study here. I have 3.5 years ahead of me , and If I complete the programme in time I will be 28 .That is a long time to go .

I just needed to come here and thought it would be best move to enroll in a second bachelor for me.

Now I feel frustrated and studying this bachelor programme turned out to be so difficult for me.Do you think would it worth looking for a master's in a field of social science ?Or would it be easy for me to find a job directly after I receive the decision for my application? They don't deport me in case my application rejected.Or would you advise to me to persist in studying Computer Science that I am studying ?

During my bachelor's , I was particularly interested in humanitarian aid , civil wars, development and issues revolving around human security.Do you think is there much chance for me to find a job in NGO's ,organizations related to humanitarian aid and refugees?

All ideas are appreciated .
asked 5 days ago in Work by cihancam

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