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I am a Non-EU citizen and currently holding a Carta Di Soggiorno (EU long term residence card issued from ITALY), I am planning to relocate to Germany my question is, if I want to apply for a family reunion visa for my spouse what will be the requirements other than the basic ones?

Do I have to wait to get my German documents (residence card) or EU long term residence card will be enough.

Secondly do I have to show “Annual income” in Germany or if I have a good job with enough funds to support my family will be enough.

Is there any time specific time period for EU long term residence card holders to apply for Family reunion or if one can fulfill basic requirements ( job/house/health insurance/A1 language certificate) he can apply for the visa.

My only question is to know how long I have to wait to apply for visa I have been given information that I have to work at least one year and then I can apply for family visa once I will get my German residence card? Is this information correct?

asked Mar 8 in Legal advice by waqasali

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