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So I am a 22 year old Canadian studying online through a Canadian college and came to Germany for 90 days to travel and visit friends. After being here for a while I decided I wanted to stay longer and looked into applying for the Youth Mobility Visa. However, when I had my appointment at the foreigners office to apply today, it seemed that they didn't actually know what that was and instead are making me apply for a residence permit.

I knew the process for applying for this Visa because I had researched it a lot, and the forms they had me fill out were not the correct ones for the Visa.

They basically took my papers and my money and said I would get a letter in 3 weeks with a PIN and gave me a pamphlet about the "electronic residence permit".

I have no idea if this means I will for sure get a residence permit in the first place, or if I am rejected will I get my $100 euros back?

It's all very confusing and I have no idea what to do because all the information I have read about applying for the Youth Mobility Visa says you receive it upon application if you are approved. As well you can work under this visa and stay in Germany for up to a year.

I feel like my odds for being approved for a residence permit are pretty low, but for the Visa it would have been pretty high since it is a visa specifically for young Canadians wishing to stay in Germany for tourism and cultural discovery.

I have no one to ask all of my questions to because I don't speak enough German and I'm just annoyed and confused about this whole process.
asked 6 days ago in Other Questions by gillian.larissa

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