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Hello, Im from Czech republic, my fiancee is from Pakistan, now in Germany as a rejected assylum seeker. What (and how)are our chances to get married? I know he cant get married in Germany, because he is going to be deported when they receive his passport. Do we have some other chance? Can he apply for assylum in Poland and while waiting for their decision, we get married in Poland ? Or any other country? He also apply for assylum in Italy before one year and he had Sogiorno paper, but it expires 06/2018, do we have some chance for marriage in Italy? We are willing to do anything and everything to be able to stay together. We are couple for almost two years and cant figure out, how to live together legal in my country, We both dont want live in Germany or any other country. Please help, we are desperate. Thank you very much for answers.
asked Jan 7 in Legal advice by Evalyne
edited Jan 7 by Evalyne

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