I've been a refugee in Germany around six months. 1 month later my asylum application was rejected. Then I agreed with the lawyer and my legal appeal process continued.

Two months ago I received a letter from Regierungspräsidium. In this letter, it was written that, in German, an appointment was made in the consulate-general of my motherland and that I should be there at the specified date.

Two weeks after this letter, I received a new letter from directly the consulate-general of my motherland. In Germany and in my mother language, was written with all the documents stated that I should be in the consulate at the specified date.

I think this is a big problem for Germany to report my information to the consulate of the country where I flee! I also think this situation is against the international refugee agreement.

I have a lawyer, but I need a second opinion.

Please give advice.


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asked Jan 6, 2019 in Legal advice by mondeo177
Dear @mondeo177, Thank you for reaching out to us and for sharing your situation with the community. I'm going to link our asylum law expert @Nilab here to have a look at your case soon. It's good that you already consulted a lawyer - he/she can have a closer look at all the details of your case than we are able to :-) Best, Isa
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