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I am a 31 years old girl, citizen of Finland and my boyfriend is 24 years old egyptian and he is in Germany without passport or visa already around 4 years. He recently got  aufenthaltsgestattung for 1 year more and has egyptian ID and asylum ID, no passport. We are together already 2 years and we wish to get married here in Germany. I live and work already some months in Germany. We will hopefully soon get anmeldung together to one address. My question is, will it be possible us to marry in Germany even if he don’t have passport? I am scared we never can start a normal life. :( we have already visited standesamt but at that time I didn’t have an anmeldung yet. I have also ready my birth certificate and my proof that I am not married and so has he. Should we also get a lawyer?

Thanks in advance if someone can give me some answers! :)
asked Dec 30, 2018 in Legal advice by Katti

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Contact me through Email and i will tell you what to do. I just got married with my Turkish fiance in italy
answered Dec 30, 2018 by Nwa d
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