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Hi Dear

I have daughter with Germany woman 6months ago. and I apply for Aufenthaltstitel I use to call Landratsam people's and I visit them they told me my documents  come everything's is normally but they can't give me until my asyl finish or I make myself out from asyl.

How long need to make myself from asyl.

I have daughter with Germany woman and we finally married also some weeks ago.

How many years documents they will give me...
asked Dec 24, 2018 in Legal advice by Family

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2 Answers

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Hello @Family,

Thanks for reaching out to the community again!

Am I understanding you correctly - you have applied for asylum and the process is still going? Or have you applied for a residence permit?

If you haven't yet applied for a residence permit:

Since you mentioned that you two are already married, you can apply for a residence permit (of course taking care of your child together is an important reason as well). This is well explained in section "4.What happens if I marry an EU-citizen?" on the Wefugees Blog Article on How to Marry (please scroll down for the English version):

"...If you are an asylum seeker and you get married to a German wo/man, you do not have to wait for the result of your asylum application. Instead you can go to Ausländerbehörde directly and apply for a residence permit. It does not matter in which country the wedding took place as long as it is valid in accordance with German law.

It can happen that Ausländerbehörde asks you to leave Germany, to go back to your home country and to re-enter Germany with a valid visa. Then you can apply for residence permit. It sounds unnecessary (and it totally is), but unfortunately it has been ruled out by courts in the past, so it is not unusual.

The residence permit is usually valid for 3 years. It entitles the foreign partner to work and to travel. After these 3 years s/he can apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis (settlement permit) as long as you are still married and as long as you didn’t commit any severe criminal offense. Niederlassungserlaubnis is basically an unlimited residence permit..."

Also, have a look at this thread from our platform where a similar question has been asked and answered: Marriage in Denmark and German Family Reunion Visa

Do these sources help or did I miss a question? Feel free to get back to me/ us and I will have another look.

All the best,


answered Jan 2, 2019 by Isa
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Thanks you for your  kindly Replay.

I already  apply for Aufenthaltstitel  almost 5months ago.

My lawyer ask me to go out from Asylum and I did it, after they stop my work and I have fiktionsbescheinigung. I don't know how long need before I will hold my Aufenthaltstitel.

I stay in Heilbronn  Area
answered Jan 2, 2019 by Family
@Family do you have your stay now?
Yes i hold my aufenthaltstitel since April 2019
Yes i hold my aufenthaltstitel since April 2019
@Family when you were out from your asylum and apply again for the stay, how long did it take them to give you the stay? I apply for mine since June 24th this year till now they have not giving me a decision, my lawyer contact them about it again, they said I should wait for this month, I have a German daughter and next month 7th, my duldung Ausweis will expire, I am not in asylum, I stay with my woman and my child.
Our cases is not the same, i never have duldung ausweis here, and am working and living with my wife for 5years. But try and find a good lawyer, its will help you alot,
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