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I lives in Germany from 2015, I made my initial asylum application on 2016 January , because of the address issues and undelivered letters , BAMF closed my application , but they didn’t inform me as well , however I got to know by my Umverteilung antrag , then again I contact BAMF through my lawyer and made my second Asylum on 2018 January. And got my interview on August 2018, still I don’t get any decissons about my interview , however from October Aüslandrasamt start to give me one month Duldung , and asked me to submit my birth certificate or any document , I skipped last two months that explained I have been gave all my original documents to France due to my Earlier Asylum in Europe & I already informed that I was in France and rejected asylum . So I don’t have nothing with me , but last time aüslandratsamt strictly warned me if I didn’t bring any documents, then they won’t give work permission anymore , I worked from August 2016 to till date , so what should I do ?

I afraid that if I bring any of my documents then they will continue to blackmail to get passport in future too ...

So how it’s posssible to give Duldung don’t even get any decision by BAMF ?
asked Dec 20, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Nima
retagged Dec 20, 2018
Dear @Nima, Thank you for reaching out to us again. I understand your concerns so it's good you seek help. If I understand your situation correctly, you still haven't received a final decision by the BAMF on your second asylum claim. However, you have been given a one month Duldung? I'm unsure why you have been given a Duldung in this case, and if it has to do with the second asylum claim. So I will link @Nilab to your case. In the meantime, you can have a look at this thread from our platform where a similar case has been discussed: All the best, Isa

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