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Thank you very much for your time but honestly at the moment I’m confused and need some advice from you..firstly do you think there’s a possibility of being deported back to the first EU country that I was before due to Dublin considering I’m carrying a german child? And they stamped on my ausweis
2. They want copies of my real identity documents because I used a fake identity for fear of persecution in my country of origin to come to Europe, the original documents they are birth certificate not pass are with the EU country government that I was before...I’m afraid of Germany the copies because maybe it can led to my deportation or I should tell them to get in touch with the other country so that they can send it to them instead of me giving them???
3. Unfortunately I went to caritas and they send a transfer request to the government but they said because my boyfriend place isn’t that big I can’t move in they will put me in an accommodation/camp near him because at the moment we are looking for a bigger house but I what we want is we stay together not separate what if I accept the transfer will it be along process later to move in together once we get the house? And do I have to apply again for transfer?
Seriously Nilab I’m really not at ease at all very scared and don’t know what to know
asked Nov 29, 2018 in Legal advice by Grace

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Dear @Grace, thank you for getting back with the developments. I totally understand that the entire situation is scary and it puts you under stress. 2. in regards of your documents- the best would be to ask the German government to demand the documents from the first country(Dublin one) you entered, however they might say that this is your duty- so try it but it might be the case that the first country will have to send it to yourself. 3. Yes this is very difficult, but if your partner and the father of the child has an apartment then you could also make the deal with the camp that you stay with your partner and just collect your post etc. at the camp until you have not found a bigger place. I hope this could help you Grace, but do not worry they cannot apply Dublin if your partner is German and you are sharing custody. If you need further guidance feel free to approach us. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 30, 2018 by Nilab
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How big the appartment should be?
answered Nov 30, 2018 by Najma
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