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Hello everyone good morning on 5th of this month I attend my appointment with auslanderbehorde my wife was along with me we give them my marriage certificate my insurance and marriage certificate my legal entry to Germany and all they asked for they even asked me for the unmarried and birth certificate which I used for marriage in Denamrk with translate and I give them all and I had appointment with one women but that day she was sick and not at work so some other man handle our case and after all that he gave me fiktionsbescheinigung for three months without work permission and he said we must verify all your documents and they lady who is working on my case will answer me when all is verified and I have appostille marriage certificate and all legal plus they say after we see your wife work contracts and your wife rental contract and we think it's enough place to live for two then we will give you termin and you will come and we apply for you resident card and my wife is already pregnant 10 weeks and mybe they will have problem with her work contract or what ever but my wife already can't work more so now what I must do how long I must wait for them answer my everything is legal why they just put my case pending
asked Nov 8, 2018 in Other Questions by Musawvir

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Dear @Musawvir, thank you for sharing your question with us. As for your situation the best would be to address everything in written form to the Ausländerbehörde and ask for an answer on the duration it might take to close your case. I hope this assist you , if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 9, 2018 by Nilab
Brother I really don’t understand what this mean can Ausländerbehörde always send me emails if they ask or answer anything now I have no idea what to do brother my wife money isn’t enough to get me resident card so what this mean I must leave my pregnant wife and leave Germany or I have any option to stay here and work
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