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Dear Wefugees,

it seems to be an art to write a proper Job application here. Can someone give me the most important steps?

I learned so far, that Documents are super important for germans and that they what to have everything via e-mail (not whatsapp)

But how do I have to write it?

All the best and thanks a lot,

asked Oct 12, 2018 in Work by aliii

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Hi Ali, 

i will try to describe it a bit: 

1. Also I had to learn, that, the formats of applications are different from country to country. For example, a German version of CV (“Lebenslauf”) is way shorter than English one (max 2 pages): 
2. Usually there is also asked for a motivation letter  (Motivationsschreiebn or Anschreiben): it is your chance to write why you’re interested in the position. You can find many examples online. Use them to get inspiration if you don’t know what to write. However, try to avoid standard phrases. Recruiters see them every day. Be yourself and explain why this company and this job is exactly the right one for you and what kind of benefit you bring this company.
3. Pay attention to small details – those are the ones that contribute to the overall impression. Check for example how you write your phone number and address (not like in English!).
4. If you use a photo – does it suit to an official application? And please, unless you apply for a very creative/informal job, do not use a selfie!‍♀️
5. Even if your German is perfect, ask a German friend to proofread your application. It is always better to have a second pair of eyes. 
6. Last, but not least – send your application not after but before the deadline (and ideally neither at 11:59 pm wink)

All the best, 


answered Oct 12, 2018 by Laura23
selected Oct 12, 2018 by aliii
Thanks @Laura23 that helped a lot. I have one more question: should Icall them first? A friend of mine told me, that it helps to have spoken to the company before sending your application. But I don't know what to say on the phone. "Hi, I'm going to send you my application now." sounds stupid to me. What would you suggest?
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