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Hello @everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.

For the past 1,5 years I have been the moderator here on the Wefugees community. It has been an exciting journey to see this community grow and to turn into what it is today. However, it is time for new challenges in life, which is why I decided to do my masters (starting this month). That is also why I am not going to be part of the Wefugees core-team any longer.

I will still be around here on the platform every once in a while, but due to obvious reasons I am not able to spend as much time on research and answering questions as I used to in the past. That is why we found a successor which is @Nilab. She will be taking care of the community management from now on. I am sure you already saw her here on Wefugees.

I wish you all the best,


asked Oct 2, 2018 in Information & Offers by Thor

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Thank you for your help and time, God will help you and direct your ways
answered Oct 2, 2018 by Tosin
Woah ! Why are you leaving this golden platform ( community) now ? Although, you have NEVER response to my questions before, however I have read most of your responses which motivated me to analysis my problems also on this platform. In fact, you are amongst the great Gurus that I have heard of . More kudos to you. Hopeful you chose your Msc in Law  ? Lol .
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