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Hello everyone, 

for the ones who don't know me: My Name is Cornelia and I'm one of the founders of Wefugees. 

It is very rare that we ask a question to you, but in this case we thought it is a good opportunity. 

We are making a very short Video about this Plattform and are looking for someone with refugee Background who once found help in this Community. Anyone here who 

  • would like to be in a short movie and help us out?
  • has time this Friday in Berlin? 
  • can say why Wefugees is important for him/her? (if it is)

Looking forward to your replies. 

All the best, 


asked Oct 9, 2018 in Other Questions by Conny

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1 Answer

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Hi cony, i would gladly be part of your vdo provided my face isnt showed. can come to Berlin too.
answered Oct 9, 2018 by asylee
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