Hi,I did arrived in German in September 2014 and I did claim asylum. In September 2015 I  begin my apprentership until July 2018. I did pass my final exams,now  I am a bäcker geselle and jobless. I am jobless only because a local landrasamt demands a proof of ID from where  I am from. I told local gov office I do have a birth certficate then they order me to bring it and when a birth certficate arrive  I have to use that to apply for my Travel documents in my country High commision which is in Berlin. 

      As soon  I have my country trvavel document,I have to get  in touch with Landrasamt again for the work permit which its not 100% as they told me last time when I met them. 

     I do have a Work contract from a local company and a place to live which a company is willing to pay for it. I never had Duldung because never claim Asly in any other country,never had fines or any issue with authorities at all.

At the moment still waiting for my Appeal in Asly court after my first refusal from BAMF. I still have a case in Asly court. 

Now i feel like I have been robbed my 2years after my Ausbildung 3+2 System.

Why they want me to go in High commision office while they know i did run away from the same authorities? 

Why a certified copy of birth certificate not enough to prove who I am?

asked Sep 12, 2018 in Legal advice by Cockington | 1,142 views

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Hey Cockington,

first of all congratulations on your Ausbildung. It is quite an achievement and you should be proud of it.

My really quick suggestion is to ask your Employer and/or former Emplyoer to go to the Landratsamt in your support. My experience is, that they will have an easier time to achieve your goals, if they make clear, that the Landratsamt is damaging their business.

I hope you can solve this problem.
answered Sep 12, 2018 by Leo
Thanks Leo for your advice.

My employer did sent an e-mail and Landrasamt did not respond. Few days later he rang Landrasamt and the answer was NO THIS PERSON IS NOT ALLOWED TO WORK IN THIS COUNTRY UNTIL HE BRINGS  TRAVEL DOCUMENT. My employer said he will wait for 6weeks and see whats going on. After 6 weeks past he will have to find another alternative,this means a new employee
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Hello @Cockington

thank you for sharing the question with us in the community. I would suggest in order to get some personal assistance it would be good to contact one of the free consulting Organisations such as the " Flüchtlingsrat" in Bavaria: 

Geschäftsstelle München

Büro Nordbayern 

Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat
Augsburger Str. 13
80337 München
Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat | Büro Nordbayern
Gugelstr. 83
90459 Nürnberg

Tel: 089 - 76 22 34 
Fax: 089 - 76 22 36

Tel: 0911 - 99 44 59 46
Fax: 0911 - 99 44 59 48


As to the other two question, I will try to address them here: 


  1. Why they want me to go in High commision office while they know i did run away from the same authorities? 
  2. Why a certified copy of birth certificate not enough to prove who I am?


´1. Sometimes they are not really well informed about the bcakground of your case, thats why it might be helpful if you hand in your papers from the BAMF, which outlines why you cannot go to the authorities. 

In this the "Flüchtlingsrat" is a good contact in order to help with drafting the Letter of explaining your specific situation. 

2.  According to the law § 15AsylG the asylum seeker has to whatever he/she can do in order to obtain valid documents that are proofing her/his identity. This is the passport of the home country in general. If like in your case you cannot than you need to proof why not and hand in whatever might help to verify your identity to the authorities. Specially in cases where the asylum application was declined, the person in question has a high duty to fulfill this oblication. 


In order to summarize I would suggest you get some local help that can do the entire paperwork with you in order to be successful. 

I hope we could give a first direction. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Best regards and good luck, 


answered Sep 12, 2018 by Nilab
Nilab thanks for your respond. concerning the first question its like this I met with three top landrasamt officials to discuss my situation. In our meeting they came with a case worker(this is a person holding my Asly file and she brought the file as well.).These people knows in and out about me person. End of the day I live in this community for the last 4years now.They gave me a certain conditions

One, was to bring my birth certificate then they will give me 3 month work permit

Two, when I do manage to get  my birth certificate,i have to travel to Berlin in High commision office and  apply for a Travel document.

In all my meetings i have been always with 2  friends of mine who are Germans. These are people I know them for the last 4years. Anything concerning paper work always seek assistancy from a friend of mine or social work.
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Du bist noch im Asylverfahren und hast Aufenthaltsgestattung, deswegen kann du keine Beschäftigungsduldung beantragen.

Sondern Streichung der Nebenbestimmung.

Betreff:         Antrag auf Änderung der Nebenbestimmungen Erwerbstätigkeit

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

hiermit beantrage ich die Änderung der Nebenbestimmungen von „Erwerbstätigkeit nicht gestattet“ in „Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet“.

Gemäß § 61 Abs.1 S.2 AsylG „ist dem Ausländer die Ausübung einer Beschäftigung zu erlauben,

  1. wenn das Asylverfahren nicht innerhalb von neun Monaten nach der Stellung des Asylantrages unanfechtbar abgeschlossen ist.
  2. Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit zugestimmt hat oder durch Rechtsverordnung bestimmt ist, dass die Ausübung einer Beschäftigung ohne Zustimmung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit zulässig ist,
  3. der Ausländer nicht Staatsangehöriger eines sicheren Herkunftsstaates (§ 29a) ist und
  4. der Asylantrag nicht als offensichtlich unbegründet oder als unzulässig abgelehnt wurde, es sei denn das Verwaltungsgericht hat die aufschiebende Wirkung der Klage gegen die Entscheidung des Bundesamtes angeordnet.“

Zur Begründung:

Ich habe am (TT/MM/JJJJ – Datum Erstausstellung Gestattung/ Nachweis Asylantragstellung) einen Asylantrag gestellt. Das war vor ….. Monaten. Mein Asylantrag wurde nicht als offensichtlich unbegründet oder als unzulässig abgelehnt. Ich komme nicht aus einem sicheren Herkunftsstaat gemäß § 29a AsylG. Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit hat zugestimmt/ für die Tätigkleit braucht es keine Zustimmung. Damit besteht für mich ein Rechtsanspruch auf eine Arbeitserlaubnis.

Im Falle der Ablehnung bitte ich entsprechend §37 und §39 VwVfG um einen schriftlichen und begründeten Bescheid.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



answered Feb 12, 2020 by Ria
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