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i applied for asylum through hessen and submited my aunts ausweis etc. They transfered me to another American Camp and after few days said we are full and transfered me to bonn for 3 Weeks after i was sent to Euskirchen and stayed their about 5 months and 3 weeks and now i got transfered to Iserlohn. I already spoke to Diakonie and they said i cant transfer anywhere at moment even if i found a job and have to stay here minimum 3 months so is this information valid or not since i would really like to transfer to frankfurt where i orig applied from or to Kol
asked Sep 5, 2018 in Home & Living by Riz

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Hello Riz,

thank you for asking this question in our Forum.

There two different situation, where the state can legally bind you to a town/city:

1. Residenzpflicht= this is the case if your asylum case hasnt been decided yet upon. In this case even if you get a job- you will ot be able to apply for a transfer.

2. Wohnsitzauflage= This is the case if your Case has been decided upon. In this Case, depending on your status granted there are different ways to move to another city, but mainly when you do not financial support by the state.

So taking into account the Informations you have given:

You might be able to apply once your case has been decided upon to move to town where you have family(your aunt), I would suggest in this case to get some legal help in order to get it through.


I hope I could help here.

Best regards,

answered Sep 6, 2018 by Nilab
I do have termin for court once I go do you have any idea what will be the turn around time and whats the best option to search for a job at the moment since i cant afford to self  pay for language course at moment since they are not paying.
Hello Riz,
sounds good that there is already a court appointment in place. In a usual case the courts decide within 6 months( but it always differs from  case to case).
As for the best job options:
- please try :
- I also found this in Iserlohn:

There must be some free Language classes:
- The AWO offers consultation in Iserlohn on this:

Good luck!

Best regards,
thank you so much

one last question as an educated and experienced person how much max pay can get per hour at moment any idea?

i speak perfect american accent english and have experience in Admin , It and sales and customer support any suggestions where to apply or use same links you gave before?
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