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i am doing Ausbildung 1 LJ and mini job 40 hours by MCd. is it possible to do another mini job less hours .

Early answer would be appreciated.
asked Sep 3, 2018 in Education by Dreamchaser

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Hey Sandy,

1you are allowed to have as many jobs as you want in Germany. I am sorry for the misinformation other users spread here.

Working in multiple jobs is, unfortunately, bound to some rules. It is Germany, after all.

For once, any mini job can not interfere with your full time job. So if you turn up tired or exhausted at your full time job, your employer can veto the mini job. Moreover there is a legal limit on how many hours you are allowed to work. Your working hours can not exceed an half year average of 8 hours a day on six days (Monday through Saturday) of the week. So 48- Hours a week. This can be expanded to 10hours a day, so 60 hours a week, temporarily. But, and this is important, it still has to hit the average of 48 hours a week over a half year. So, if you work more than 48 hours in one week you have to work less in the next weeks. Another exceptions are jobs on sundays. Because you, better your employer, needs special permissions for those, same goes for jobs at night. Please tell us if you have a mini job at night or on a Sunday.

Taxes are another huge point to consider. The first mini job, the one you took up first, is free from social security tax, but that is optional. Every further mini job will just add income to your main job. So you have to decide whether it is worth it.
answered Sep 4, 2018 by Leo
Thanks for Clarification. as i am in Azubi LJ 1 and 40 hours per month by McD. i have got another Mini job offer 25 hours per month in Hotel. can i take up as legal 2 mini jobs ?
It depends a little bit. How many hours a month is your Ausbildung?
40h McD + 25h in Hotel= 65h a month
you can go up to 192h a month.
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Dear Sandy,

just to add to my answer before:

As you are in fulltime Ausbildung according to German law this is already your "Fulltime" Job

( , so in this case you can have one minijob in total, but if you take another up:

1. the hours should not go beyond the ones legally allowed( as Leo outlined)

2. Your current employer has to agree

3. it will be not anymore taxfree, so then its not anymore a minijob as such defined.

I hope this could help you better.

Best regards,

answered Sep 5, 2018 by Nilab
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Hi Sandy,

Sorry one Mini-Job pro Person is allowed.

Best regards,
answered Sep 4, 2018 by Nilab
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