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I got an admission letter from HH University for DSH Preparation Course. I want to move to Dusseldorf because I live very far from the University and the University has asked me that I have to move to Dusseldorf, otherwise it may not be possible to come and go everyday from my place to Dusseldorf. Now I need to fill the form for the elimination of my (Wohnsitzauflage).

Which form do I have to fill? Can you please post the link, also what other documents do I have to attach with this form and to which address do I have to post these documents?

Yours sincerely

asked Aug 23, 2018 in Home & Living by Abdulwkl | 420 views

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Hello @Abdulwkl

Nice to hear from you again.

The competent authority in this case is the Ausländerbehörde in the city/region that you are currently located at. They have to delete the Wonsitzauflage from your documents.

Can you tell us where you are living at the moment? The form might differ from Ausländerbehörde to Ausländerbehörde, so we can help you with the research if you tell us which one is responsible for you.

Best regards,


answered Aug 23, 2018 by Thor

Hello @Thor, Thank You so much for your reply. I live in Geilenkirchen (52511), NRW. The responsible Auslanderbehorde for the people living in Geilenkirchen is located in Heinsberg (Kreis Heinsberg) . Also can you describe that why I don't need to take permission from the Central Office (located in Arnsberg) because last time when I was collecting my Passport, I asked the person and she gave me a form and said, fill this form and send it to Arnsberg (It is to mention that at that time I didn't had any admission letter from the University). I am sending you the link of the form which she gave me. 


Also if it depends only to Auslanderbehorde then to which department of Auslanderbehorde, I mean whom should I contact in this case? 

Once again Thank You so much from Wefugees Team and specially from @Thor for yours endless efforts.

Hello @Abdulwkl - It could be that I was mistaken in this case and that it's Bezirksregierung Arnsberg and not Ausländerbehörde in Heinsberg that is in charge of removing Wohnsitzauflage from your documents. Have you filled in the form you linked above and sent it to Arnsberg by now?
Hello @Thor - No, I did filled the form and will send it today to Arnsberg. What else should I attach with this form as I couldn't able to find information about other important attachements.
The document you linked above says that you have to attach a written confirmation that you are taking part in the preparation course, respectively an "Immatrikulationsbescheinigung" (if you already have it) which proves that you are going to start studying. This needs to be filed by your university so that it serves as a proof for Berzirksregierung that you have a valid reason why Wohnsitzauflage needs to be removed from your papers.
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