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I need an advice about my asylum proceedings.My asylum application has been rejected by bamf and also by court due to obviously unfounded and ofcourse i have a duldung now....
I wants to make a new asylum application on new grounds which i did not told the authorities during my first interview and also i have evidence regarding my second asylum claim....
So my question is bamf will asks me more about my first asylum claim or they will discuss both my first and second asylum claims or only they ask about second asylum because first one is already expired.
asked Jul 26, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by malik123

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Hello @malik123

Nice to hear from you again.

After filing your Asylfolgeantrag, BAMF will check whether the reasons you provided are sufficient to give you a second procedure. If they do so, you will be invited for a second interview. You will be given the chance to explain why you fled to Germany and why you need a refugee status. They will take everything into consideration, also the things you told them during your first interview. It could be that you have to repeat what you said during the first interview in the second one. It wouldn't make sense to just decide based on the fresh evidence you provide, whether you get asylum or not.

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answered Jul 27, 2018 by Thor
selected Jul 27, 2018 by malik123
Thank you very much for your reply another question is can i go to other eu country and for some how i can prove their that my life is in danger in germany due to my country mates in germany and i am unable to expalin everything in germany because i am afraid of my country mates
I'm glad to hear that my answer was helpful to you.

As an asylum seeker you are not allowed/able to travel. Also, you can't apply for asylum in another EU country because you already had your procedure in Germany. You would be sent back to Germany to finish your procedure. Sorry for the bad news
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