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Hello Wefugees,

It's me again. I have another question. Yesterday I went to a university to enquire about their Guest Auditor Programme. And then, while on the way home, a question appeared. Is it possible to withdraw your asylum procedure and apply for a student visa instead?
asked Jul 25 in Education by someoneingermany (240 points)

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Hello @someoneingernany, 

if you withdraw your asylum application and leave Germany voluntarily, it is usually possible to apply for student visa and to legally travel back to Germany. However, I'm not sure if you must leave Germany and apply for student visa from your country, or you can stay in Germany and do all the procedure here. I suggest you to contact "Refugee Law Clinic" because this is a legal issue. Here you can find the addresses in whole Germany: 

I hope my answer may help you!

Besr Regards,


answered Aug 1 by BildungsberaterIn (3,860 points)
Hallo @BildungsberaterIn ! Thank you very much for the information! I will contact them next week!
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