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Hello Dear friends, 

Hope your well.

I have big situation here, so please if you can give some advice it will be very important to me,

I had apply for a asylum application in Sweden but they rejected me three time,

So now the will send me back to my country.

My subjects of application is about the freedom of journalism.

Like i saw your answer about you can apply again in Germany if your entry to Sweden by Germany or the you have entry fingerprint in Germany like a first EU country but I didn’t apply for asylum in Germany.

So now i want to return back to Germany after two amd 8 month. 

And apply again, with the new things happen in my case that can not return me back to my country, iraq, and also i have three support letter from some journalism organizations that support my story, but I didn’t tell the Swedish migration about it,

Please can i apply to asylum in Germany regarding this new things in my personla journalism case and aslo say to them about my first country to come to Eu state. 

Thank you.

asked Jul 21, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Van
retagged Jul 23, 2018

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Hello @Van

#Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

To give you a definite answer we need some more precise information about your case.

You said, you applied for asylum in Sweden, but you got rejected. So did they give you an asylum procedure and rejected you in the end, or did they didn't even give you a procedure because they said Germany is responsible (or in other words: Did they reject you in accordance with Dublin III)? Because usually they check back with the European database called EURODAC whether someone already got registered somewhere else, before starting a procedure.

If Sweden already checked your asylum application during an asylum procedure, then it's quite impossible to get another procedure in Germany. They will refer you back to Sweden and say that they are responsible.

Best regards,


answered Jul 23, 2018 by Thor
Thank you very much Mr @thor for your answer. Yes i got rejected in my application in the end. So my file is close here. So my question is if i came again to Germany and apply for asylum with give them the information about when i came to sweden from Germany and the new things that happen in my case after closed, Do you think this will help me ? Or if i stay after 6 month in Germany with out return me back to Sweden! Any other way, cuz we are in very difficult situation here and i can not never retun back to my home country, that i have many support letter from some journalism organizations that show that my case of dangerous. Thank you again.

Dear @Van

I totally understand that you are in a very difficult situation, but since you already had a procedure in Sweden, Germany will send you back to Sweden if you apply for asylum here. The goal of the Dublin III convention is to make sure, that there is only one country of the EU responsible for an asylum seekers application. And because Sweden already gave you a procedure, it's them. German authorities will find out about that immediately.

The only chance I see is that you get in contact with a Swedish counselling center or a lawyer. There is probably a way to appeal in case new evidence appeared (like the support letters) that hasn't been taken into account during the initial process. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Swedish asylum system which is why I highly recommend to get in touch with such institutions that I mentioned above.

All the best,


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