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hallo iam asyelum seeker in germany i work as helper in backry and now i want start a ausbildung .. its possible to make ausbildung without german age is 27 years .. and if my asyl is finshed then ita possible during my ausbildung they can deport me in my land or they must wait till my ausbildung is finshed? and its allowed to make ausbildung in age 27 ? and i also dont speak good german but my chef want give me contract for ausbildung? does auslander need german level B1 for ausbildung or i can do without also?
asked Jul 17, 2018 in Education by uzma

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Do I need German to start my Asubildung?

If you want to start vocational training, the first thing that you have to bear in mind is that Germany has a dual system of vocational training, or what is called in German (duale Ausbildung)

The system consists of two parts and you have to master them both so that you can get the vocational certificate or “Berufsabschluss”.

So, first of all you have to find the company that has the vocational-training license -not every company can provide Ausbildung opportunities. You have to get the “Ausbidungsvertrag” from the company where you are going to accomplish your Ausbildung. The second thing is you have to go to a vocational school “Berufsschule” where you are going to learn the theoretical part of your practical training.

Everything that you are going to learn at school will be in German. You night need to learn Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology as well in German language. Here you have to reconsider your language competence. Are you able to study the curriculum in German? Can you do your assignments in German? Can you communicate with your teachers at school in German language?

True you do not need a specific level with certificate to be able to go to the vocational school, but you have to know that German language is vital to pass the exams at school. You have to have language competence enough to speak, read, write and listen.

Usually when you find “Ausbildungsplatz” you are eligible to apply for “Ausbildungsduldung”.  Then, you get residence permit for the duration of the Ausbildung and then you get 2 years more to work. The rule is known as 3+2.
answered Jul 17, 2018 by Arrivo-EMSA
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Hello @uzma

In general, there is no age limit to start an Ausbildung. If your employer is willing to give you a contract in accordance with the legal framework then there shouldn't be a problem.

Concerning the German language, you have to keep in mind that in Germany there is a dual system of Ausbildung. That means that you spend half the time in the company and half the time at school. Classes and tests at school will be held in German. Also, check out this thread here on Wefugees, as it partly focusses on the requirements about language in an Ausbildung:

You can apply for a so-called "Ausbildungsduldung" to avoid deportation during your Ausbildung. You will be able to fnish your Ausbildung (~3 years), then you have six months to find a job in a related field and afterwards you will be allowed to stay for another 2 years if you found a job. After those 3+2 (or more) years, your stay can be prolonged.

In case I forgot something, I will link @BildungsberaterIn of LernLaden an Fadi of @Arrivo-EMSA

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answered Jul 17, 2018 by Thor
thank you for your answer .. now i have gestat and if i start ausbildung then i become automatclly ausbildungduldung or i must apply for ausbildungduldung?
really thank you for your answer... so i work in backry as a helper since 2 years and my chef give me ausbildung vertrag .. now i go one week school and one week work in backry .. this is enough for ausbildungduldung or i need more something?
As Fadi (Arrivo-EMSA) explained, you have to apply for Ausbildungsduldung at Ausländerbehörde. In order to do that you need the contract (Ausbildungsvertrag). You won't get it automatically.
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