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Hello dears,

In short my asylum application is declined completely in August last year (holding a "duldung").

Now, do i have any change to reopen my application on the basis of a new ground(such as illness)?

Please need your valuable advice and recommendations(if any)!

NOTE: NRW(Bielefeld), Kreis Mettmann.

Thank you for your support

asked May 18 in Asylum proceedings by Smile (660 points)

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Hello @Smile

Nice to hear from you again!

Please keep in mind the answer that I gave to another question of yours circling around the same topic:

--> "If you got an illness that can't be treated properly in your home country, it can build ground for a successful second application (or at least suspension of deportation)." Suspension of deportation means that you might get a "Duldung" if they deny your asylum application.

Best regards,


answered May 22 by Thor (62,450 points)
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