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So am in Dublin and my appeal was reject that I made about not to be deported back to Netherlands , I have not been deported yet and me and my fiancé we are waiting for the papers to be back so we can get married, Question is will the Standsmant allow us to marry despite me being in this Dublin ? We’ve paid everything for the marriage and we’ve got all sorts of bills from the higher court even when I received a rejection from the court about my Dublin. My questions are :

1 Will they allow us to go on with our marriage even tho am in the process of Dublin ?

2 After we had got married , Does my Dublin go on or it stops and in this case Germany becomes responsible for my case ?

3 Can we still apply for the residence permit after marriage?

4 As am waiting for deportation, my Ausweis is expering  soon , will I be able to get a new Ausweis from the government  or they’ll catch me if go there for a new ID ?

Thanks in advance for the help .
asked Apr 16, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Hazel

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Hello @Hazel

Nice to hear from you again.

1. I don't see why they should deny you to marry. Getting married and the Dublin procedure are two processes that are not directly linked to each other. But of course you can't proceed getting married if you have been sent back to the Netherlands.

2. +3. As I said above these two processes are not really having an effect on each other. After your wedding, your Dublin procedure will go on. May I ask if your fiancé is a German citizen? If yes, you can apply for a residence permit at Ausländerbehörde afterwards. I think receiving it will stop your Dublin case because it legalizes your stay.

4. What Ausweis are we talking about exactly? Your Aufenthaltsgestattung/Duldung, your home country's ID or something else?

Best regards,


answered Apr 20, 2018 by Thor
Hey Thor, thanks for the answer, I meant the Ausweis you get when you apply for asylum. But now they renewed it despite my Dublin. My fiancé is German also.
Hello @Hazel - that's a so-called "Aufenthaltsgestattung". To give you some background information about what it means: It's not a residence-permit, but a document that legalizes your stay for the duration of your asylum-procedure. You need to have such a document, otherwise your stay would be illegal. That's probably why it got prolonged. It's important to keep in mind that it won't suspend your deportation - they just renew it so that you have documents that allow you to stay till deportation. I hope this clarifies the matter. Best, Thorgen
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