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Hello. My name is Hills, i did disclaimed my asluym application in 2015 when our government requested us to come back,  can i apply another asylumin Germany ? Now nothing has being done to look after us, i went to Libya  in 2017 and came back after 6 months thinking of a way to make a better life. Now can i apply for another asylum in germany?  Please help me with am answer before i die
asked Apr 4 in Asylum proceedings by Egbohills (110 points)

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Hello @Egbohills

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

It's possible to apply for asylum again in the same country. In Germany it's called "Asylfolgeantrag". You can apply this way if the situation in your home country has changed for the worse since your last application.

Since you left Germany in the meantime you will have to live in a "Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung" again (for a maximum of 6 months).

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answered Apr 5 by Thor (61,780 points)
This has being the worst nightmare of my life, coming back to Nigerian or listening to the GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA at first was a great mistake . Can i have a lawyer that will fight for me ? My father was a Rev father at the Methodist church Nigeria Borno state where he was killed by this group Boko Haram, my mom and a sister, my only brother got missing till date.  Please i need help of a layer and i have contacted some office in Augsburg that sees the affairs of the asylum seeks in Munich. Email.
@Egbohills It's always a good idea to get legal support by a lawyer, especially if you already had an asylum procedure before. But a lawyer can be quite expensive. An alternative would be to get in touch with counselling centers that offer legal advice. If you want to, we can do some research about such centers and give you contact information and addresses. So where are you located: Munich or Augsburg? Best regards, Thorgen
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