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Hello all,

I am from Pakistan and living as a refugee since two and half years . I applied for asylum but my asylum is rejected . I am heart patient having ICD implementable cardiac defibrillator I provide all medical reports to BMAF and I advised them that contact my new cardiologist but they have contacted my old cardiologist who only did the ICD programming.

After the refusal I did Klage and I received letter from Verwaltungsgericht that they have accepted my appeal and I sign a letter by giving the approval that what decision judge decide will be acceptable to me .

I have send my new medical reports to Verwaltungsgericht and I request themto give me hiring with judge but I didn’t received any response from them .

My question is that how can I get an urgent hiring with judge because I am mentally tortured and very worried. I don’t have any lawyer at the moment please advised.

Best regards
asked Apr 1, 2018 in Legal advice by Khan

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Hello @Khan

Nice to hear from you again!

Unfortunately it can take up to several months until you get an appointment at Verwaltungsgericht. They are usually quite busy which is why the schedule your hearing far in the future. As far as I can see there is nothing you can do to speed up the process. I'm sorry to tell you that.

Best regards,

answered Apr 4, 2018 by Thor
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