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I m a refugee in Munich and I would like to study in university or college in Berlin and can you tell me that is it possible to get admission and move to Berlin ?

Because I have seen on internet some programs which recommended from the university for refugees
asked Mar 9 in Education by Zichako
closed Mar 19 by Thor
Hello @Zichako - maybe @BildungsberaterIn can help you to find an answer to your question. Best regards, Thorgen
Hello Zichako. In general, it is possible for everyone to apply for all universities and Studienkollegs (colleges) in Germany as long as you fulfill the requirements. When you get the admission, you have to go to the migration office that is in charge of your case. They also need to get the acceptance by the migration office in Berlin which also will check if you fulfill their requirements.
Concerning the programs for refugees which help to prepare yourself for the study program, you must contact the universities directly and ask them if it is possible to move, for example to Berlin.
Best regards, Lernladen Neukölln
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