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asked Feb 28, 2018 in Education by emy

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Please check out the following information:

There are courses planned in Altenkirchen, Bad Marienberg and other places next to Siegen. Ask for initial orientation courses for Siegen at your relevant immigration authority.

All the best too!

answered Feb 4, 2020 by eok-fid
@eok-fid, can I get stay in Germany if my german woman give to birth? She is 9 months pregnant. I am illegal and my asyl finished last year so they stop to renew my duldung because i didn't give them my country passport. So can I get Resident permit when she put to birth? My asyl was in Bayarn and my woman live in Another state which is Rheine in Nordrhein west.
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Hi Emy,

you mean a german course before the official Integrationskurs? 

Or do you already have your official asylum status?

all the best 


answered Mar 1, 2018 by Laura23
hi laura

thanks for your reply

yes i mean before the official integration course :)
this could take a while and i would like to start learning now
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