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I got fine due to lack of time buying the train ticket does it affect my asylum procedure can anyone tell me what to do? How to convenience the db organization for not paying the fine or now have to pay 60/€
Will be glad to hear any good news from any beautiful soul
Kind regards
asked Feb 9 in Legal advice by Hazaristani (130 points)

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Hallo Hazaristani ! First of all if you will pay them,that’s would be nice otherwise it’s not good to your asylum case,that’s the condition show them your bad character , You must have to pay them 60€, That’s penalty increases day by day after one month you will get 120€ with intrest. Thanks
answered Feb 11 by Aanish (520 points)
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Hello @Hazaristani

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

If I were you I'd just pay the fine. Usually there is no way to avoid it.

The only way to reduce it is to show them afterwards that you in fact had a valid ticket (for example if you have a monthly ticket that you forgot at home). That way you can prove that you didn't dodge the fare. In this case you will just have to pay a few Euros as an administrative fee. But if you didn't buy a ticket at all this won't work of course.

In general BAMF only checks whether you have a right to be granted asylum based on your interview and the situation in your home country. If you get in trouble with law it's subordinate to them in the asylum procedure. However, I found this document according to which criminal acts might have implications later on. For example it can happen that someone doesn't get a residence permit. But I don't think that's going to happen just because you've been caught without a ticket once. (

Just pay the fee and everything should turn out well. Fingers crossed.

Best regards,
answered Feb 12 by Thor (43,890 points)
Thanks Thorgen for info and I paid it already because I know that I won't get time easily, unfortunately I gave 60€ but it was a mistake/carelessness that I didn't get a ticket but it past and thanks once again for info I appreciate your idea
Kind regards Hussain Hazaristani
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