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Hello everybody,

somebody knows how the ticket for public transport in Berlin for refugees works? Where can I get it and what are the limitations?
Does the Refugee need to pay for it or is it really free of charge?
asked Nov 12, 2015 in Money by Andre

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Hi Andre,

if the refugee lives in a camp inside Berlin he can grab his arrival papers and go to the lageso and get a ticket from bvg workers who will be there.
The ticket will be granted within the first 3 month after arrival.
The monthly payment will be reduced by 26€ so the ticket is not entirely free of charge.
If he lives in a flat, he needs to bring his arrival papers to the burgeramt. There he will get a Bewilligungskarte. With the  Bewilligungskarte he can buy a public transport ticket with a discount. It is called Wertabschnitt and the price depends on the reach.
answered Nov 12, 2015 by Peter
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