Hallo, #Can a Refugee (whose Asylum Case is not decided yet and not interviewed yet but haveing One Year Ausweise) is eligible to take out a WBS from Bürgeramt for Renting an Apartment? I am living here for a year now in Berlin, having a Azul status and working as full time employee for the last five months (already taken permission from Auslanderbehorde). Having Netto 1100/month. I have found two apartments but the lady told me to bring WBS alongwith all other documents. So, Can you please be kind to share your views and please be precise about only those people who are here on Azul Status but whose case is not yet decided. If someone has already taken out please expalin the procedure in Detail. Kind Regards, Bhatti
asked Feb 5, 2016 in Home & Living by Abid | 1,113 views

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There are no problem to take a house after three months of your apply for asylum (it's depends on availability of house). I took one small apartment recently. It's cost around 400 euro with everything (NK), and Rathaus paying (I have to pay electricity bill) the amount though I haven't finished my asylum procedures yet. I gave interview five months back to the Bundesamt.

So in a small: if you find a resident then take a special form from Rathaus and filled up by your house owner, after that give it back to Rathaus, they will see and then you can get permission to take this house.
answered Feb 5, 2016 by Don’t Know
Thanks for a quick reply. As I mentioned earlier I have not been interviewed yet (you mentione you are interviewed five months back. So should it make a diffrence. Also please can you be more specific about this form you took from Rathaus. what it is called? also the wohnung which i have seen comes under WBS properties and the women clearly stated that I must bring this document alongwith my payslips from my job and one year ausweise to make a contract.
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your status shouldn't be the problem: ****://tinyurl.***/j2bqnnd
See Nr. 4 of the document. The most important part of Nr. 4 seems this to me: "Uncertainties related. Residence status clears the housing office directly to the Immigration Office."  So contact your housing office. This is also recommended by the "Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge": ****://tinyurl.***/gqvubcn. **** for the part "Support from the state".

You can check online whether you comply with the requirements for a WBS in Berlin: ****://tinyurl.***/jl2kvtr

I'm no expert but I'm quite astonished that the lady wants a WBS, because your income is above the threshold for social housing.

Hope I could help, Jan

answered Feb 7, 2016 by Jan
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Dear Abid,

Just go to Rathhaus and talk to your case-worker. Tell to him/her that you want to take a flat. And let both them talk (house owner & case-worker) about it. They will sort how you can take the flat. And I really don't know the form name.

You can follow Jan's suggestions. He told in details.

Best wishes for you!

answered Feb 7, 2016 by Don’t Know
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Hopefully will go on Thursday and see what happens.
Really appreciate the kind and sincere views.
I think wefugee.org is working.
answered Feb 7, 2016 by Abid
Glad to hear that wefugee.org works. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your appointment on Thursday. It's really hard to find a flat in Germany, I experienced that myself not so long ago.
Yes Jan Wefugee is really working! I am so happy that I am user of that awesome platform!
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