Hello everyone thanks for this site.
I am looking for room with shared flat or single room doesn't metter .
can someone help me ?
acually i can't search about that alone becouse i have no idea .
i have tried but without result .
just i want someone stay with me step by step in this case it's very important for me .
attention : i have passport and all paper from jobcenter
I hope to get it as soon as possible ✌
who will help me i will make for him a big arabic cooking every week ;)  and i hope to meet a germans friends i know they is friendly zu viel
asked Apr 16, 2016 in Home & Living by a7madd | 838 views

A side from your help by Elisa and others note that there exist several webpages to search for rooms and flats.

Among them:

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2 Answers

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Hey! If you have time this coming week, maybe one morning/afternoon, we could meet for a coffee and I could help you out with your search (or at least show you where to **** for a room, and give you a couple of tips). Probably a WG ("Wohngemeinschaft" - shared flat) would be easier to find than a single apartment. It also depends on your budget, and so on. Anyway, I am sending you a private message with my number, so feel free to text me.
answered Apr 17, 2016 by Elisa
hey Elisa ! thank you very much for your interesting ,
i'm ready to meeting and drinking coffee together any time this week ,
i am waiting your private message
thanks again .
Hey! I send it to you yesterday on your email...didn't you get it? I'll try again now :)
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additional to you private help from Elisa, you can also reach out to institutions like this one:

They are working in Berlin in cooperation with LaGeSo and a lot of landlords and they can assist and help you personally to find a room in Berlin.
answered Apr 20, 2016 by Henny
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