I need help
asked May 13, 2016 in Home & Living by jad | 721 views
Hi Jad. :) Could you tell us a little bit more about your situation? Where are you staying right now and what is your asylum status?
hi julia
now i see ur reply
im sorry for late
can we contact by WhatsApp or facebook
im from syria
i had been here around 7 months
i live in gym ( bed near bed near bed)
The lageso gave me a paper for rent small home
i search a  home or wg or any clam place to study
in my gym camp i cant study coz we are 300 person there are crowd

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Hello Jad,

although I agree to Julia's remark (do you need a house or just a room, or did you mean you need only a room but this room should be in a small house and not in a high-rise building?) you could start an apartment retrieval in Berlin here:

Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge
Beratung und Vermittlung
Turmstr. 21, Haus K
10559 Berlin (Moabit)

Flat sharing in Berlin

Kind Regards, Jan
answered May 20, 2016 by Jan
sorry for late
yes i just need a one room
i have a paper from the lageso
In that case try my links! I know by onwn experience that it's sometimes hard to find an appartment, especially if you urgently need one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Hi Jad,

I will send you a message as well, but another couple other options for living in Berlin are:

--for finding a shared flat in Berlin

--registering on the website will help you to get in contact with people in Berlin who are offering rooms in Berlin specifically for refugees.

All the best,
answered May 23, 2016 by julia.d
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