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Dear Ladies and Gentelmen
Hello my name is Adnan and i am from Pakistan. I am writing this e-mail to ask the possibilities of my marriage in Germany. I have been living in Germany for 2 years. and i am doing ausbildung in Bakery its my 2nd year in ausbildung and i have ausbildung duldung thats mean i have negative from bamf but i have permission to live in germany until my ausbildung. my fiancee was today in standesamt and asked for papers to get marry but they said first i need pasport from my country and then they will tell us what kind of papers we need from my home land but i am afraid to give them my passport if i will give them my passport maybe they will deport me to my homeland. i just want to know what should i do? i mean should i give them my passport or not? or first i have to take a lawyer? and i also want to know what kind of papers we need from my homeland?

Many thanks in advance for your time and help. I will be so happy if you can suggest any solution
asked Jan 11, 2018 in Legal advice by Adi

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Hello @Adi - welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

You need to hand in your passport at Standesamt in order to marry. In addition you will probably need to provide your certificate of birth, a certificate of no impediment and other documents. The officials at Standesamt will give you a list of all the required documents once they got your passport.

Getting married in Germany might take a while (e.g. to gather all the needed documents etc.), but to me it sounds like you should have enough time to do so.

You won't get deported as long as you are still in your Ausbildung - even if you give them your passport. After you finished it, you will either start working which will result in a residence permit for 2 years or you get a Duldung for 6 months that you can use to find a job. In both cases you should have enough time to marry, especially since your Ausbildung is not over yet (which will give you extra time).

If you can afford it, it's always a good idea to consult a lawyer. S/he can get an in-depth overview of your case and advise you more precise than we are able to. Apart from that you can also get in touch with local counselling centers and ask for their advice.

Best regards,
answered Jan 15, 2018 by Thor
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thanku very much for your reply
answered Jan 26, 2018 by Adi
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