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I have some old books to learn german, some dictionaries and lots of copies of exercises, I’m changing apartments soon and I don’t want to take so many things with me. I know there are some places that take old clothes or stuff and, does anyone know one in Berlin where my books, etc. would be helpful? If it there is I could spread the word around my classmates so they could do the same. I think it can be a win/win situation for everyone. Thanks to everyone that answers. #donation #german #books
asked Jan 13, 2017 in Education by Mariana G.
I also want to donate my old women's clothes... where would be best?
Is your room already rented out? I have 2 friends, each of whom is looking (separately from each other) for a room in a WG. One is a refugee (female) and one is a student (male).

Re: donations of clothes:
"Kreuzberg Hilft"
Mariannenplatz 1
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Give your books to the refugee library which is inside the "THF Cafe at Hangar 1, Tempelhofer Flughafen building. The library was set up by refugees for refugees.
The name of the library is "Asylothek".

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Hi @Mariana =)

For what concerns the German books you could try to post on E-bay kleinanzeigen zu verschenken. Here in Berlin works quite well because everybody tries to multiply the value of the things they buy by sharing them once they don't need them anymore. It could be a good idea to try that out.
Here is the link =)

Here's a good sites where some donations (also time and other things) can be organized

@Angelene =)

Here's a few links to other questions about where to donate your clothes in Berlin =)

DRK Kreisverband Köln e.V.
Oskar-Jäger-Str. 101-103
50825 Köln-Braunsfeld
montags, dienstags und donnerstags jeweils von 7:30 bis 10:30 Uhr

The "Deutsches Rotes Kreuz" (Red Cross) is organising pretty much all donations of clothes.
Red Cross, Berlin
Clothing donation: Service-Hotline: (030) 852 76 90
Details about clothing donation and How-to-help:
WWW: (German text)
English translation (by Google Translate):

This is what @Jan already told us about this topic (thank you =) ):

"Clothing donation is still needed. Used Clothes are still of real value, there are even commercial collections at least once a month in major cities.
Places in Berlin where clothing donations serve socially minded purpose:

Caritasverband Berlin:
Kleiderkammer Residenzstr. 90, 13409 Berlin
Abgabe (Open): Montag bis Freitag von 9-13.00 Uhr direkt in der Kleiderkammer, sonst am Empfang in der Residenzstr. 90 (Mo-Do 8-17 Uhr, Fr. bis 8-15 Uhr)

Kleiderkammer, speziell für Kinder (clothes espeically for children),
Pfalzburger Str. 18, 10719 Berlin, Tel. 030-666 339 62.
Abgabe (Open): Montag bis Freitag 10-13 Uhr, Dienstag und Donnerstag zusätzlich 15-16:30 Uhr

Contact Caritas Kleiderkammer Berlin:
Mrs. Irena Urban
Residenzstr. 90, Eingang Reginhardstr
13409 Berlin
Telefon: 030 666 33-1045

I hope this all helps =) Have a good day!

answered Jan 17, 2017 by Paolo
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