hello everyone, im Waseem. 17 yrs old, i live here in Germany since january 2016 and since then im trying to learn german. even though ,i have a littel Problem to find somone who i can practice my language with. that is why im asking you? if anybody is interested or want to help it would be great and so nice! i am a funny nice Person, i am sure that
 we will gonna have fun.  

thank you so much
you can get in touch with me throw: wassimdakheel@gmail.***
aor WhatsApp: 015166863658

littel Waseem
asked Dec 13, 2016 in Education by Johnny | 1,070 views
Hi Waseem, great to have you here on the community? May I ask you in which city you're living at the moment? tha could be helpful in finding people that leave in the same city you do =) Or were you thinking about a skype Sprachpartner (speaking partner) . Looking forward to hear from you, have a good day =)
Hey, it's great to hear from you!
Thank you, yeah, so I'm actually living in Hallbergmoos now, so it would be great if I could find someone here or in Freising, also Munich. Sprachpartner is a bit complicated, because I don't have the connection to the internet all the time! That would a great idea, but unfortunately it's not going to work!

Thanks a lot, mad it's great to be with you, you are guys doing a wound Erfin job :)

Have a great day

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Hello Johnny,

I'd like to help you learning German. This is my homepage: ***.nachhilfe-hannover.org.

Maybe your Internet is running later. Otherwise, we could do it via telephone. Or maybe you are in Hanover later for personal tutoring. If you are a native English speaker, you could improve my English as well and I would like to be your language partner without money.

Kind regards

Here I am: ****://***.nachhilfe-hannover.org/nachhilfe-lehrer-hannover.htm
answered Dec 17, 2016 by benitager
heyy @benitager, it is great to see you here!
yeah, it is great to have such a very Kind Person like you as a language Partner! though i am not a native english Speaker but i would love to help you improving your english, besides i can speak Arabic and Kurmanjí. so it would be more than great! i will try to be online as soon as i can, January would be great!
however, i wish you all a wunderful new year ands all the best! :)
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Hi Waseem!
( @johnny )

I asked around in your town on facebook and by email and I got a few suggestions =)

Usually I suggest to just show up in a pub bar (Kneipe auf deutsch) but some said that it might be a bit difficult there. I would still give it a try once.

I would suggest to go and to language school ( Sprachschule ) whether they have some language exchange evenings ( Stammtisch ) going on that you might be able to join.

This is a Stammtisch meetup that gets organized in your city and might really worth give it a try! https://***.meetup.***/new-intown-freising/events/235354956/ It took place last week and perhaps the organizer are going to organize something new soon. Try to get in contact with them
( this one is the link to the next one they are organizing on the 21st of this month https://***.meetup.***/new-intown-freising/events/dlxsxjyvqbcc/ : drop by and get wild on your German ahah )

I would also take a **** at the events and workshops taking place in the city at this link. I'm sure that you can find some good chances to listen German and also practice with people if you have anough guts to break the ice with whom is sitting next to you. Just ask how they are doing and if they would like to talk a couple of minutes in the break to help you out with German. I always do and sometimes people are very nice: if they are not, it's their loss and not yours ;)

Take also a **** at whether there are table-top society (board games groups) in the city. They are usually very open and playing a game is a good chance to have something to speak about.
https://***.facebook.***/FreisingerSpieletreff/ This looks quite ok, perhaps try to message them on facebook =)

This is what comes to my mind at the moment regarding offline meetings. Unfortunately I'm not living in Freising or we could meet and practice together. But I wish you super good luck with your research!!!!

Let me know auf jeden Fall -  ;)  -  how it goes with your research and your practice!

Best wishes for a good time in Freising und viel Erfolg with German.
answered Dec 14, 2016 by Paolo
I don't know how to thank you!

This is really great
Hi Waseem =) I also received this other comment, might also be interesting :) <br><br> wir bitten Sie höflich sich mit dem  Newcomer-Club in Verbindung zu setzen. Der Newcomer-Club ist eine Privatinitiative und offen für alle, die neu nach Freising gezogen sind und Kontakte knüpfen wollen. Nähere Einzelheiten erfahren Sie bei Frau Barbara Anders, Tel. 08161 85545 und Herrn Frank Richartz, Tel. 08161 69721.
They are holding a Newcomer-club. It's a private initiative. The following are the contact =) Frau Barbara Anders, Tel. 08161 85545 und Herrn Frank Richartz, Tel. 08161 69721
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