My name is evan Ilive in Hamburg since 7 month . And Iam looking for someone that can teach me the german language.....thanks
asked Aug 21, 2016 in Education by Osman | 544 views

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In Hamburg there is a program called "Dialog in Deutsch".
See brief information here: ****://bit.ly/2btw6Rp
Info flyer see as an attachment below.

Program "ich-will-deutsch-lernen": Information in several languages (see right margin top):

Café Exil Hamburg (learning German for free), Information in several languages, see English version: ****://bit.ly/2btx4No

Very advisable compilation of German learning capabilities, provided by the University of  Hamburg: ****://bit.ly/2btxtzn (German text, try the given links if the text is to hard to understand).

Let me finally hand out some advice: Your question is well-known and many people did their best to find good answers. I'd like to encourage you to use Wefugee's search slot to get some of these answers. E.g. use the term "learn German Language" (without qoutes).

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 21, 2016 by Jan
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