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Hallo all ,

I am Muhammad Siraj I am living in Rheinfelden Germany and I am very interested to learn
Deutsch if any one want to help me in learning Deutsch i will be thankful

Muhammad  Siraj

asked May 14, 2016 in Activities by Khan

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2 Answers

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ask people of "Freundeskreis Asyl Rheinfelden (Circle of refugee's friends Rheinfelden).
Contact addresses see:

Kind regards, Jan
answered May 14, 2016 by Jan
Vielen Dank Jan for your comment
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A list of possibilities to learn german you can receive if yue send an reesting email without content to this adress:
to receive this list you must submit the subject
This is a machine, therefore it works automatic
answered May 16, 2016 by bk90de
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