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do you have any idea which university in gemany doesn´t need testAS?
for IRAQI person who have more than 85% in high school??
because it's really really hard...
thank you in advance
asked Nov 8, 2016 in Education by HannaG
Hi, at the very begining just take a look at kiron university:
Dear Hannah,

"IQ Netzwerk Berlin" helps refugees and other foreigners to get their foreign qualifications recognized in Germany. They offer advice in Arabic. (The Job Centre refers some people to them for this advice). They are supported with EU funds.
If you have any questions regarding the recognition of your foreign degrees, please contact the Zentraleerstanlauf Stelle Anerkennung under Iq Netzwerk Berlin. They have at least one Arabic native speaker working for them. He can advise you in Arabic.



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Dear Hanna,

It is a long time ago that you posted this question but I think it might be still relevant to answer.

You should definitely first translate your certificate (if it is not in english) and then give it for Anerkennung. Maybe they accept it in the same level of the german "Abitur" (Direkter Zugang) and maybe not. If you get Direkter Zugang means you can apply for university programms directly. In some cases they accept it as a "indirekter Zugang" means you should attend 1 year of College. Or in the worst case they accept is as 9th or 10th class of german school system.

There is a website that gives information on each school certificate of each country and how they are being recognized in German education system. You can have a look at it to check if your school certificate from Iraq would be accepted or not:

For Anerkennung you can use different institutions. It also depends in which Bundesland you are living now. For going to university Uniassist for example. Uniassist has also opened an opportunity for refugees to do it for free.
There are also possibilities to get the financial help for the translation (it depends if you are accepted refugee or not, either Agentur für Arbeit or Job-Center shall help with the cost).

Some German universities have special programs for refugees as well. They give very detailed information about entering universities to you and also they offer very good german courses for the refugees who want to enter universities. In Berlin, HU, FU, TU and some other universities do that. There are also universities in other cities.

I hope you found your way in last months since you asked the question here. Otherwise we are here to help you and answer your questions.

Good luck!

LernLaden Neukölln
Bildungsberatung für Geflüchtete
answered Aug 2, 2017 by BildungsberaterIn
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Dear Hanna,

Thank you for your question. There are two possibilities to get access  to the German Higher Education System. Usually, you are required to prove that your school certificate is equivalent to a German school certificate. Only in two universities in Germany you have the option to take TestAS instead. Hence, you are not required to take TestAS at all, if you have a recognized secondary degree from Iraq.

Kind regards,

Kiron Student Support
answered Nov 10, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk
Thank you for your reply, but to be honest I don't know how make my secondary degree recognized.. So do you have any idea how to recognize it??

Hi @HannaG, find some ore information about that in this link below. <br><br><br> A good idea is also to contact somebody in the university you would like to take courses in and ask for support. For example I know that at the Humboldt university they have a consulting section especially set up (find link below). Even if you are not going to apply there I'm sure they could get some useful info for you. <br><br><br>please, if you manage to get the information outside of the community, come back and share it with us because I happen to be oftern in the situation of being asked about this and extra info is always welcome =)
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Dear Hanna,

As far as I know, besides testAS there is no option to have your degree recognized if you don't have your papers that show your secondary degree completion. You can have a look at this website and see if you can find more information:

Kind regards,

Kiron Student Support
answered Nov 11, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk
Thanks for your replay but I already have the paper which proves that I have finished secondary school , which means I have my secondary degree completion certificate
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Hello @JeLA, Kiron is not a university, we offer a learning platform for our students to start taking classes for their Bachelor's degree and then we help them transfer to one of our partner universities. Check this link out for more information:
answered Nov 11, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk
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Thanks for your replay but I already have the paper which proves that I have finished secondary school , which means I have my secondary degree completion certificate, now I don't know whether I have to make this test or not
answered Nov 11, 2016 by HannaG
If you already have the paper, you can ask the specific university with whom you would like to study and see if they accept it.
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If you are a refugee who wants to study at a German University, and you want to meet people at your desired University who are already studying the course you want to study, (so that you can get to know, through a Sprachtandem,  how the system works there), then it could be helpful for you to start by watching these videos: "Academic Experience Worldwide e.V." is an organisation that helps refugee students to continue their studies in their new country. So, to start off with, check out their Press videos to find out more about them:






answered Feb 3, 2017 by Gordon
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