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Hello please i need some help, i live in Dortmund and my fiancé lives in Deidesheim, our marriage is on the 9/12/2016 and will be taken place at deidesheim. Do i move automatically to deidesheim to stay with my wife after the marriage or what is going to happen? Thanks
asked Nov 3, 2016 in Legal advice by Zino
I'm Linking @marcel to this question, He might give some good suggestions.
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Also @Danny could be really helpful. I want to thank all the experts collaborating with us and dedicating their time to make all these procedures and requirements more clear to us: A big "thank you" in the name of the Wefugees' Community!
Thank you very much Paolo, i am very much confuse and need guide on how to go about this transfer.. please

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Hello Zino,

I doubt that after your marriage you will automatically live in the town of your wife.
It all depends on your so called Aufenthaltstitel (residence permit/ legal status).
If you both have the status of recognized refugees and the 3 year permission to stay,
you also should have the same rights as every German citizen and be free to choose the place
you live after your marriage.
If you only have the status of subsidiary protection or national ban on deportation, or your decision is still pending, things are different.
You would have to make an official request/ application at the Zentrale Ausländerbehörde in Dormund, that you
want to live with your wife in her town after the marriage.
The Ausländerbehörde should contact the authorities in the town of your wife and arrange things with them after your marriage.
I would recommend that you contact them even before the marriage to speed things up.
Please be aware that I am not a lawyer and this is just a general recommendation based on info I found on the Internet.

Ausländerbehörde Dortmund:

Living and Moving law for refugees:
answered Nov 4, 2016 by Danny
Thank you very much Danny, unfortunately i was at the Ausländerbehorde yesterday and i was referred to Arnsberg bezirksregierung, i called the Arnsberg yesterday immediately after i got the contact and i spoke to them. They asked me to check their website and fill the form and the reason why i want to leave the city and send it to them and it was also written on the website that i shouldn't come in person because i may not be attended to but on the same website, i read that i should contact the locals in the city i want to move to first. So i really don't get it, what and whom to contact.

Hello Zino,

Yes you are absolutely right. I found the page and the form from the Bezirksregierung Bad Arnsberg.
If it is correct, what they state on their page, you or your fiancé should contact the Amt for Migration
und Integration in Bad Dürkheim. They should be responsable if anyone wants to move to Deidesheim
from another Bundesland.

Please see on page 11 in this booklet:

Contact info for Amt for Migration and Integration Bad Dürkheim:;jsessionid=9905692BC869378B3F2E399771B07110.tomcat-a-1-honeydew?id=263505
Thank you very much, i will keep trying and see what happens
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