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Hello People, can i marry in any City in Germany Even if i don't live in the City? I Need help please
asked May 25, 2016 in Legal advice by Ari22
How old are you ?
I'miss 19 years old  
Is this really the information Ari22 requires? Quite flabbergasting.
You should go to the Standesamt of the City where you are registered,  ideally with an appointment. If you are a refugee without permanent residence status, this will be near impossible. If you have asylum status, they might be slightly easier. Depending on your financial assets,  marriage in Denmark might be an alternative.  The Standesamt will be able to counsel you.

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Hello Ari22,

you can marry in any city in Germany. But you have to register you marriage at your local registry office first. For more see

Kind regards, Jan
answered May 25, 2016 by Jan
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