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Hello nice leute
My name ist  firas im 28 years old
My question iwant to know more about ausbildung und dual studium

 is there condition of age to
Please i want adress of company or beratung office
Finaly ifinished in syria dental technician istudy it in an institute  

Should i restudy or i can work

What is the praktikum
asked Sep 4, 2016 in Education by .

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Hello Firas,

for general information about cooperative education (Duales Studium) see Wefugee information here:

Basically there is no limitation of age if you want to study

If you finished a professional education in Syria you have to pass a formal procedure to consider whether training was equivalent to comparable training in Germany and whether your qualifications can be recognised. See more here (English text)

Your local job center offers career counselings, ask for an appointment. I can provide you with a concrete adress if needed, if you tell us where you live In Germany right now.

If you are interested to improve your education as a dental laboratory technician via a cooperative education this information may be interesting for you:
(German text, many links to further information, I did test only some of them to see if they work. See especially links of section "Studium im Bereich Zahntechnik").

Kind regards, Jan
answered Sep 5, 2016 by Jan
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