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Hello ..
I have got the response from the Bundsamt with the one year validity, can he make the "objection for cassation" without a lawyer by sending any post or not ? I've found the link below below for the formal but I'm not sure whether it is the right one or not ?!
asked Aug 26, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Shbat (120 points)
I don't see the link you talked about in your posting. Can you add it? Though I only aproximatly know what you mean I would strongly recommend to ask a lawyer for advice.
I think Shbat is referring to this question: and this link that was posted there:        Besides he also took part in the discussion in the thread linked above and received an answer by Danny. Apart from that the 14-day-deadline must be over by now.
Why was this question not tagged as a double posting by the community  administration? It's really confusing if you have to find out if a question is valid or not!
Hi @alissa, thanks for helping us in individuating this double posting. We'll link the two question and notify @Shbat about it right away. We're now linking this question to

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